• Non-binding offer
  • Open and transparent
  • Partially reimbursable

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In general, when detective services are required, they turn out to be very complex and require an individual approach. No one case is quite like any other.

This means that no specified flat rate can be offered in advance.

Specialist knowledge is usually required, particularly in cases of internal situations that put your company at risk, or in investigations into the areas of economic or financial criminality.

Those who provide these services are sometimes required to work unusual hours.

The use of a range of technology, such as for observation, is necessary.

The costs all depend on the scope of services provided.

All necessary expenditure is discussed with the customer, because openness and transparency are our top priority when it comes to cost. With that in mind, we provide a non-binding offer, which is turned into a service contract on receipt of an order.

Detective costs are partially reimbursable.