• Database access
  • Two front companies
  • Variable teams
  • Special vehicles
  • Modern technical equipment
  • Forensic specialists

Mager + Partner GmbH

Büro Rhein-Main
Tel (06154) 630230

Büro München
Tel (08102) 729930


Our qualified and experienced investigators make use of the latest equipment and optimal structures.

Undercover operations
For undercover investigations, for instance in the area of brand piracy and the grey market, front companies are used. For trafficking, we have numerous experienced undercover investigators on hand.

Cutting-edge observation technology
For observation assignments, a variable team of two to eight experts with special company-owned vehicles and comprehensive, cutting-edge technical equipment.

Forensic investigations
We also offer specialists in forensic areas: fingerprint investigation and inspection, handwriting expertise, DNA testing and the creation of suspect profiles.

Access to business and press databases
We have access to all authorised business and press databases in order to collect information.

National and international network
Our wide-reaching network grants us rapid access to information, even on an international level.