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Services: investigations

Our investigation service focuses on the area of white-collar crime. As well as investigative work, we also compile and prepare all criminal evidence.

Product and brand piracy
One of our specialist areas is the prosecution of product and brand piracy, the grey market, warehouse and cargo theft and reimportation, especially in the cosmetics industry. We also carry out test purchases.

Deception and related offences, corruption and insolvency offences
This also involves investigations in the area of civil law, in particular the execution of global asset searches.

Competition analysis
In the event of suspicion of spying or sabotage, we also carry out investigations in the direct competitive environment.

Problems concerning employment and civil law
In this area, we carry out a range of investigations focussing on employee crime.

Background searches on company and ownership structures
Using a comprehensive database, we carry out background searches on company and ownership structures and collect information for company acquisitions.

Computer forensics
Evidence collection in relation to computer crime, recovery of deleted data, documentation, etc.

Other forensic examinations
In the forensic areas – fingerprint examination and inspection, handwriting expertise, DNA testing and the creation of suspect profiles - we are assisted by a range of specialists.

Detection of illegal listening devices
Our specialists make sure that private discussions remain private.

Legal areas
Our activity focuses in the legal areas of civil law, employment law, criminal law and law against unfair competition.